For Female Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers Who are Struggling to be Seen

Follow this Proven Framework to Stand Out From the Competition, Get Total Clarity on Your Brand and Become the Top Choice for Your Ideal Just 5 Weeks


Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Frustrated female entrepreneur

You're coach, consultant or professional service provider who started your business because you have some knowledge or expertise to share with the world.

You want to launch or grow your business online or you're trying to pivot from an off-line service business to a more digital model.

You're aching to reach a bigger audience, but you can’t find the right people to pay attention or they don't seem to get what you do.

You've spent hours grappling tech, holding dead-end "discovery calls" or trying desperately to stay on top of every marketing move... from Google ads to chat bots...from weekly blogging to running a time-sucking Facebook Group.

You don't have a clear strategy and you're not sure what will actually make a difference in your marketing, so you end up doing ALL THE THINGS. None of them very well.

You've bought a ton of tools, templates and swipes to try and replicate other people's success, but you're not seeing the results in terms of consistent revenue.

Or maybe you are making decent money but you're still underpaid because you fumble over pitches and you find it hard to charge what you’re worth.

Frustrated coach

You're not sure how to show that you're different or better than your competitors. And you don't know how to explain what you do in a way that gets people excited to buy.

You're losing money, losing opportunities and losing confidence.

Something's gotta give.

It's Tough to Figure Out Which Way Forward

There is no ONE right way to market your business.

In fact you have so many options, it's enough to make your head spin:

  • Networking Events
  • Facebook groups
  • Messenger marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video Series
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcasts
  • Google Ads
  • Webinars
  • Facebook Lives
  • Podcasts
  • Summits
  • Instagram
  • Email marketing
  • Speaking
  • Facebook Ads
  • You Tube
  • Referral programs
  • Plus another gazillion new shiny objects that pop up every week!

Aren't you exhausted just from reading that list?

Doesn't the thought of all that marketing make you just want to curl up under a blanket?

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not that these activities are a bad idea or don't work.

But they won't work the way you're doing them - clarity... wrong audience....confused obvious clear value proposition.

Random acts of marketing that lead to very random results.

After all the time, effort and energy you've poured into your business...wouldn't it be great to:

  • Wake up every day with complete confidence about which marketing activities to pursue, instead of second guessing yourself at every turn
  • End the confusion in your messaging so that your ideal clients naturally gravitate to what you offer
  • Operate from a place of ease and alignment not overwhelm
  • Create content quickly and consistently because you know what to say and how to make your prospects sit up and take notice
  • Book more sales calls and close more clients because you're confident in the value you bring

Don't Blame Yourself

The marketing world is full of "gurus" touting the sexy stuff - claiming that the latest shiny new app or fancy-name tactic is the sure-fire way to success.

But if you're in the business of selling your advice or expertise then you need to focus on positioning yourself as an authority not chasing after tactics and tools.

Becoming a trusted authority will allow you to stand out in your space and rise above the competition.

But authority can only be built on a solid brand foundation which means:

  • A clear purpose and vision that allows you to create a business that is fully authentic to you
  • Powerful positioning as an authority that earns you the trust of your target market
  • Deep understanding of the internal and external motivations, needs and desires of your ideal clients
  • Credible differentiation of your process, products and services
  • Messaging that clearly explains what you offer and why anyone should choose you above your competitors

You Can't Simply Throw Money at This Problem

Even if you've got money to burn, you can't just market your way out of a shaky brand.

Sure, you can buy ads to drive traffic to your website and opt-in pages, but if your positioning is faulty or you haven't dialled in your audience, those ads will flop.

You can pour your energy into creating a course or coaching program, but unless you can describe the transformation of your service in a compelling way, you'll struggle to find buyers.

You can invest in a fancy sales funnel, but unless your messaging is clear and you're able to explain the value of your offer, then your prospects won't convert.

Spending time and money on marketing and promotion - e.g. launches, Facebook ads, podcasts or PR - without first firming up your fundamentals, is like amplifying a message that is not resonating.  

It’s the folly of trying to scale what is Just. Not. Working.

This is What You Need

A simple process to follow that doesn't involve complex funnels, burning money on ads or yet more marketing.

An approach that doesn't go out of fashion because it's based on fundamental principles.

Knowledge of what to prioritize so you don't waste time on stuff that doesn't work.

A framework that you can apply to all your marketing - website, email sequences, ads, content, signature talks, webinars and more - giving you consistency and credibility.

Guidance to give you perspective and penetrate to the heart of your business.

Introducing the

Message to Market Makeover

Let's Get Back to Basics, Shall We?

The Message to Market Makeover is a 5-Week Intensive program designed to eliminate confusion from your marketing so you can attract, engage and win more premium clients.

  • This program is your escape from:
  • struggling to sell your programs and services consistently
  • burning time and money on lead generation that doesn't convert to clients
  • spinning your wheels trying to be more visible but seeing little impact in your business
  • price-hagglers and wrong-fit clients who don't get results and hurt your confidence
  • overwhelm because of the myriad marketing options

This not a program about how to hack different marketing techniques.

You will create the blueprint of your profitable brand using my simple yet powerful 5-Story Framework™ - (1)Who You Are; (2) Who You Serve; (3) What You Do; (4) How You Do It; (5)Your Brand Story.

What makes the 5-Story Framework unique?

The 5-Story Framework takes into account that messaging is about much more than just the words on your website or your value proposition.

The 5-Story Framework teaches that your message must include your own persona, your relationship with your customers and your positioning as an authority in your space.

This is especially true if you're a coach, consultant or other service provider selling advice or expertise, for whom there is basically no separation between you and your business.

Tools go out of fashion. Technologies become obsolete. Tactics fade.

The 5-Story Framework builds the core brand pillars that will guide your future growth.

A Clear Brand is a Strong Brand

By leading you through these 5 key stories - Who You Are; Who You Serve; What You Do; How You Do It; Your Brand Story - the Message to Market Makeover will help you:

  • stand out in an increasingly crowded online space
  • attract profitable attention
  • create a deeper understanding of your customer
  • establish your authority
  • position, package and communicate your unique brand
  • build a foundation for all your future marketing and sales.

This is the difference between hustling for buyers and attracting ideal clients excited at the prospect of working with you.

Program Outline

A Proven Process that Works

The Message to Market Makeover follows the tested 5-Story Framework to clarify your message and build the foundation for a profitable brand.

The first three Stories - Who You Are; Who You Serve; What You Do - will give you complete brand CLARITY and FOCUS.

The next two Stories - How You Do It; Your Brand Story - will establish your AUTHORITY and CONNECTION.


Who You Are

  • Uncover and align your strengths, passions, values, mission and vision.
  • Tap into your personal power, identify and let go of limiting beliefs
  • Discover your brand purpose
  • Lean in to who you are as a critical path to build your authority and your business
  • Close the gap between who you are now and who you will need to become to take your business where you want it to go


Who You Serve

  • How to find your most profitable niche
  • Identify and understand your ideal client (this goes way beyond creating a customer avatar)
  • How to engage and attract your ideal client, so you can build a following of your perfect people
  • Discover what triggers your clients and how to connect with them emotionally so that they take action and want to do business with you.
  • Learn how to analyze your competition so t you can strengthen your position in the market


What You Do

  • Position yourself and your brand as the clear choice for your ideal clients
  • How to communicate your value in a compelling way
  • How to tackle objections to your services/products
  • The art of crafting messaging that attracts your ideal client and promotes you as a stand-out leader in your space
  • Identify and showcase your distinction - what makes you different


How You Do It

  • How to document the way you work with clients
  • Create a powerful signature system that elevates you from just another service provider to a trusted authority
  • Naming strategies for your signature framework
  • How to package your unique methodology into a scalable system that can bring multiple streams of income


Your Brand Story     

  • Learn the 6 types of story you need for your marketing
  • Use my simple template to craft a compelling origin story
  • Align your story with your mission, vision and values
  • How to tell your story yet keep your customer at the center
  • How to repurpose your brand story in different formats for different uses e.g. website copy, speaking presentations, email sequences and more

What Will You Gain?

Do the work and trust the process and by the end of the 5 weeks you will:

  • Accelerate the growth of your business
  • Understand exactly who your ideal client is…and isn’t
  • Feel 100% confident about your mission, vision and purpose
  • Learn how to package your expertise using a scalable signature framework that establishes your authority
  • Build deep connection with your perfect people using the power of story
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd
  • Feel fully confident in your ability to communicate your value so that sales conversations are a breeze

"Nkiru’s 5-Story Framework is genius in its simplicity, giving you a clear and strong foundation to start building your authority brand from the ground up. I learned to identify and articulate my natural gifts as well as work on areas I needed to improve — like my elevator pitch! Thanks so much Nkiru for such in-depth coaching and for giving me the confidence and clarity to be the author and authority that I’ve always envisioned. I can’t wait to move on to the next stage!"

Uju A., Author, Blogger & Digital Consultant, (London, UK )

Invest in Your Success

Pre-Session Assignment: As soon as you sign up for the Message to Market Makeover , you will receive an in-depth Pre-Session Assignment so that you can get the most out of the program.

5-Week Group Intensive: You will join a group of fellow female entrepreneurs in 10 hours of high-energy, highly interactive and value-packed sessions held over 5 weeks.

You will enjoy access to in-depth training, personal coaching and a wealth of knowledge from the questions asked and my feedback given to the rest of the group.

How to Participate: I invite you to book a free application call. It's an opportunity for us to meet in person and for me to answer any further questions you may have and learn a little about you and your business before you join the program.

Apply to work with me below

Program Details

The Message to Market Makeover gives you almost the same or more coaching hours as many 3-month programs but at half the cost.

We meet for 2 hours each week over the 5 weeks.

You will receive:

  • 5-Week Group Intensive (10 hours)
  • Program Worksheets
  • Copy & Content Templates
  • Recordings of all the Intensive sessions
  • Private Facebook Group for support and community


*Or four payments of $397


Program Dates

The Message to Market Makeover is offered approximately every couple of months. Here are upcoming dates (*subject to change):

  • JAN 26, 2021
  • MARCH 16, 2021
  • MAY 18, 2021
  • JULY 6, 2021
  • SEPT 7, 2021
  • OCT 26, 2021

"I have taken Nkiru's Intensive program and was able to organize all the pieces of business I have going into a clear concise message and plan of action."

Debby Putman, Author & Genealogist, (Big Bear Lake, CA)

"Thank you Nkiru!! You were able to help me gain CLARITY with my branding and to see the holes in my marketing. Your 5-Story Framework is helping me to understand the key elements of my brand and making my marketing so much easier. I highly recommend Nkiru and this program!"

Cheryl Rozovsky, Coach & Healer (Montreal, Canada)

Hi, I'm Nkiru

I've spent 25 years in different aspects of messaging, marketing and storytelling as an award-winning journalist, TV producer and conversion copywriter.

Now working as a marketing strategist with clients around the world, I've found that most entrepreneurs become carried away with marketing tactics instead of getting clear on their offer, their value and their audience.

This lack of clarity affects sales which then leads to a lack of confidence, which in turn holds them back from being more visible.

In a competitive marketplace, not showing up for your audience is a recipe for disaster.

Getting radical clarity on your brand is critical to your business success.

I'll help you develop complete clarity around your positioning, messaging and audience, and show you how to strategically promote yourself as an authority.

Instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, you will learn how to market your products and services to the people best primed to buy.

You're too close to your business to do this on your own.

Join me in the Message to Market Makeover and let's build a brand that drives your business.


"When I first started working with Nkiru, I didn’t really think she was going to be able to teach me anything new.  As a full stack marketer with years of experience, I thought I knew all the tricks. Was I ever wrong! Every session we had produced a new takeaway that I was able to immediately implement in my business. She is both a brilliant strategist and the ultimate wingwoman! She will support you in finding the confidence you need, help you identify the hidden gaps in your messaging and shift your mindset to owning your authority with ease."

Chrys Clay, Marketing & Funnel Expert, (Asheville, North Carolina)

Imagine How Far You Could Go in Just 5 weeks

  • Think how much easier it will be to market your business when people are clear on what you do and the transformation you deliver
  • Imagine the number of new clients you could enroll when you've done the work to identify, research and understand the people most ready to do business with you.
  • Consider the money and stress you will avoid when you're able to take the guesswork out of your marketing and invest in activities that actually generate returns
  • Think how many new referrals and partners you will attract once you start to position yourself as an authority in your space
  • Imagine the amount of new business you will close when you know how to anticipate and tackle prospective client objections

The Message to Market Makeover is Perfect for You If:

  • You're stuck on a hamster wheel of endless marketing with poor results
  • You're achieving marginal success - enough to keep you from throwing in the towel, but not enough to justify the long hours you put in
  • You have a long list of marketing to-dos but you don't know how to tie it all together and you're worn out trying to get everything done
  • You don't have a clear vision for your brand
  • Your marketing doesn't connect and you sometimes feel like you're shouting into the void
  • You're tired of trying to figure out everything on your own and you realize that you need personalized help
  • You're fed up of strategy calls that take up your time and lead nowhere
  • You want to feel more confident in your brand so you can pitch for publicity, podcast bookings and speaking gigs to grow your audience

You Can Benefit at Any Stage of Your Business Journey



You are a new or early stage business that wants to grow the right way by building a strong brand foundation from the start.



You want to pivot your business to serve a new audience, move your off-line business online, specialize in a new area or expand your offerings.



You've been in business for a while, but it's been a hard slog and you need to reset and refocus.



You're an expert but you still don't get enough recognition and you're still hustling for clients way more than you'd like.

Why You Need This Now

The #NEWNORMAL is Tough

If you thought there was competition before the pandemic, you'd better buckle up for the onslaught that’s coming your way.

If you were having difficulty getting attention before Covid-19…then you may drown in the deluge of new businesses flooding online.

In the current environment, you can’t afford to remain under the radar. And spending endless hours “doing Zooms” won't cut it.

Today, more than ever, in this time of unparalleled uncertainty, you need to offer complete clarity and certainty around your brand and messaging. Your marketing materials have to work harder and you need to show up as a leader in your space.

If you could somehow get away with being wishy-washy before, now you have to be completely dialled in.

The people who will thrive in this period are the people who are clear about who they are, the value they bring, who they serve and why what they do matters.

"Girl, you are EVERYTHING! You are amazing. You really helped me get clarity. You really hit the spot. I think your programming, the way you teach, the way you understand and the way you take it all on is amazing. Every time you would come back and say "this is what I hear you say", it was just so relieving. You listened so intently. Nothing was untouched. I just want to say THANK YOU!"

Zakkiyah Myers, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Innclusive, (Charleston, N.C.)

You May Be Wondering...

I'm just starting out. Will this program be useful for me?

Soooo useful. What could be better than starting off your business on the right foot, having already figured out your brand foundation and already empowered to think, communicate and act like an authority.

I am worried about spending money right now.

I know it’s not easy to decide how and when to invest in your business, but this is the type of work you can't afford NOT to do. This the investment in your business that will save you money in misplaced marketing down the road. Also you will receive about the same or more coaching hours that are typical in a 3 month program at far less cost.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I offer three-part payments of $397. One payment would be due to secure your seat, the next three payments will be billed monthly from the date of original purchase.

I just need help to sell.

I know it might seem that way, but if you side-step clarifying your message, you won't be able to clearly explain what you're selling, why your customers need it, why they should hire you and even if they are the right customers for your business.

What if I can't make my scheduled program date?

I offer the Message to Market Makeover approximately once a quarter, so if you can't make your scheduled start, you can simply ask to attend the next cohort.

I've bought so many courses and programs that didn't get me anywhere.

This is not a several months-long coaching program that eats up your time with a lot of excess fluff or an online course that ends up gathering dust on your computer hard drive. This is a hands-on training, strategy and coaching Intensive. In the Message to Market Makeover, we will interrogate your message and work through your challenges around brand clarity together. You will be fully supported throughout and what you learn will move you leagues ahead of where you were just 5 weeks.

"Nkiru cut through our mindset around pricing and showed us how to position our services so that clients could see our worth. Within 2 sessions of working with Nkiru, we had the confidence to 5 x the price of our corporate package, raising it from 3K pounds to 15K pounds. And we sold it within a week! It is incredible the difference it makes when people can actually understand the value you bring and are happy to pay you for it!"

Obehi Alofoje & Ngozi Weller, Co-founders, Aurora Wellness, (London, UK)

There's a Cost to Doing Nothing

Let me speak plainly for a minute. Many of you reading this will recognize that you need the help, but you’ll decide to “think about it”...

...or maybe you’ll bookmark this page meaning to come back..

...or you’ll tell yourself that you can figure this out by watching a few more webinars or You Tube videos because you "really don’t want to spend any money right now.”

But here’s the thing. If piecing a strategy together via YouTube or watching webinars was all you needed then we’d all be billionaires.

The reality is that not taking action is going to cost you in very real terms.

You waste God knows how many hours watching You Tube videos and free webinars trying to piece together some sort of strategy by yourself, because you don’t want to spend any money.

What You Lose: Say your time is worth (conservatively) $100 an hour and you're watching 10 hours a month of free content. That represents a minimum loss of $1000 a month, as well as 10 hours completely wasted on information that can’t solve your problems because it’s too random, too basic and too generic.

Desperate to drive more people to your business, you throw some money into Facebook ads, because everyone says that’s the way to grow your audience right? But because you don’t have the necessary clarity on your message or audience, at best you’ll attract a bunch of freebie-hunters who will never buy your paid programs.

What You Lose: Hundreds if not thousands of dollars that could have been avoided if you had taken the time to get clear on your message so that you attract people who align with your business and are much more likely to say yes to your offers

Some guru convinces you that the Holy Grail lies in a complicated marketing funnel powered of course by some pricey, complicated software that you just don’t need.

What You Lose: Easily $2000 a year on a marketing system that you’re not even in a position to use effectively because….YOU HAVEN’T FIGURED OUT YOUR FUNDAMENTALS!!!

 (Sorry, I don’t mean to shout. But I see people do this time and time again and it makes me literally want to scream!).

Without taking action to clarify your brand and message, you could be in the same exact situation in a few months time as you are today.


" Before working with Nkiru I was really stuck. I felt conflicted about my business. Although I loved my clients, I felt a little bit out of alignment. I felt like the work that I was doing, wasn’t necessary the legacy that I wanted to be creating, so although I was showing up 110% with my clients, I was really struggling to promote myself, to make myself visible and to do the things a business owner has to do to promote themselves to attract new clients.

Working with Nkiru gave me so much clarity. She helped me to uncover what was really important to me, what were the mission and values under everything I do, what I’m really good at. And pulling all of this together into a new business model, everything feels so aligned now. The result is that since working with Nkiru my Instagram following has quadrupled. That is the power of feeling completely aligned with your business and that is what Nkiru gave me. So, if you are struggling to create exactly the business and positioning that you need, to create the legacy that you want, Nkiru is 100% your person "

Dr. Brooke Smith, Confidence Coach and Sales Consultant, (Rochester, N.Y.)

If you’re ready for an end to confusion, overwhelm and disappointing marketing results...

If you’re ready to learn how to…

·       Build a strong, clear brand that drives your business

·       Attract and engage great-fit clients who are happy to pay and easy to work with

·       Promote a message that makes you stand out in your space

·       Create a signature system that you can scale in multiple ways

·      Share your story in a powerful way to increase the know, like and trust factor with your audience

Then you know what to do...

Move Forward with Confidence

Apply for the Message to Market Makeover

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